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What’s on the other side of this Crap….

I was on youtube the other day just looking for something to watch and listen to. I came across a sermon titled “what’s on the other side of this crap” I know I know, call the Pharisees because this pastor just used non-Christian like language.

But if we being honest, most of us ask ourselves this question at least once or twice during our lifetime. You are struggling, life seems to be full of one obstacle after another, whether it’s lack, sickness, addiction or even just fear… Continue reading What’s on the other side of this Crap….

Emptied Out – To be filled again

On my last post, I did not get to the no-so-fun part of being emptied out. You see whilst being emptied out doesn’t make you feel void, it often feels idle. And in a world that has a busy-ness culture that can be a dangerous position to be in.

When I reached the stage of being emptied out, my first reaction -for lack of a better word, was to  want to do something, I felt so much drive to be something, the expectation of what I’m going to do next, where my life is going and what it’s going to be like was almost too much..it felt a lot like this ‘wait’, that nearly every Christian talks about

Its almost comical because I have seen and heard a lot of people talk about their waiting season, and what to do while waiting on God, most time I understood what they said, the basics of it, like they waiting on something better to happen, but I never really knew exactly what they meant, coupled by the miss-independent-go-getter-attitude I have that says “i don’t wait for things to happen i make them happen.”

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Emptied Out – Intentionally Part 1

I’ve just been sitting here thinking about writing my next post, I have a few posts I could do and a few things I can talk about, but I also really don’t want to. It doesn’t quite feel right to do that.

What I thought I should talk about is how I feel right now. For some weeks now I feel “emptied out”, the reason I use the term emptied out rather than the more simpler “empty” is because the way I feel doesn’t quite have the negative connotation that emptiness contains, and more importantly the context and process I walked through to get here has quite the significance.

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Living outside his will ( God reality TV)

I was listening to a message the other day and the pastor said,

“We create environments then find ways to survive those environments rather than end them”

I laughed thinking well I guess humanity is creating a reality show for God. It’s real, for us, but not really what God has planned for us, and much like a reality show, not really what should or needs to happen and often times we behave this way for the sake of entertainment… Continue reading Living outside his will ( God reality TV)

I knew but didn’t understand (Part 1 understanding God’s love)

John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Growing up my great grandmother had this verse in her living room, which means I saw it and read it every single day. It is most probably the first verse of the bible I ever knew. Followed closely by the Lord’s Prayer.

It dawned on me only a few days ago that I knew this verse by heart, you could wake me up from a deep sleep and I would tell it to you, it’s that engraved in me. Sadly, that’s all it is, repetition of what I read, I knew the verse and I knew what it said but I never really understood what it means.

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