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Instant gratification – choices

So, I have lived most of my teen and adult life believing that I have very little to no self-control. I am very impulsive especially when it comes to gratification. I can go back and forth and be stingy about buying something I need like clothes and household stuff and in the next breath pack a bag and go on a holiday and spend upwards of $1000… why? Because it makes me feel good, it excites me.

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Living my best life- the deception

On my last post I spoke about the biggest lie I have believed. Since then I got to thinking about yet another lie of this world one that I see a lot of people believing and living in and i myself sometimes struggle with, despite knowing better.

Living my best life.

It’s obvious that everyone wants to live the best life that the can, and I do believe that God wants us to have the best life, he says in Ephesians he has plans to prosper and not harm us, plans to give us hope and a future.

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Food Allergies, Intolerances and concept of impure foods.

Hi all, I have been unwell for some time now, something of a food intolerance, maybe allergy I wont know until the test results come (as soon as I actually go for the blood test). But it got me thinking about just the general view of foods, diets and just the fact that food allergies being on such a high rise these days.

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The view from my insecurities

Before I get into today’s post can I just say, this weekend is our 1 year anniversary of us moving from the city for some good old country living. I have been feeling so many different emotions over this. I wanted to share a post surrounding this but I haven’t been able to unpack what I’m feeling yet.

Instead I decided to talk about insecurities and perspective. I think most people, whether they know it or not have some sort of insecurity. A really big one for me has always been about being unwanted, unloved and just not good enough for’s one I inherited from a very young age.

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Right of passage

For some time now I have been battling with the thoughts of being a testimony. I can’t be a testimony, I kept telling myself, but here I am writing this.

I used to tell myself all my experiences were some sort of right of passage, but as I try to move through to the next phase of my life I realise they were more of a path of destruction, a load much to heavy for me to bear and memories that feel a lot like an electric chair designed to torture me.

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