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2018 Reflection

so what its 16 days late.

2018 was an incredibly filled miraculous year for me. I can’t believe it just thinking back on what has happened.

I started 2018 in a broken relationship, no sense of direction when it came to my career and 50% of liquids in my body was alcohol. Not exactly a great start to life is it. I struggled for the first few weeks to figure out exactly what i’m doing with my life, but the more I stopped to really think and pay attention to where I am at, what I like and don’t like the more I felt a desire grow in me, to change the direction of my life.

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Compassion and Healing

I don’t know what this, if this is what the true meaning of healing is.

I have carried so much shame in my life. I have hated the things I have done, I hated the thoughts I had and the words I said, I have hated the things that have been done to me and the things I allowed to happen to me. At some points I have hated myself..

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Tree change, second thoughts and bitter sweet experiences.

Somehow I managed to move interstate, 1000 or so km without much of a fuss or noise.

This move seems like quite a big deal, a big change and a big everything to everyone else except me. I’m trying not to make a fuss out of it but I really don’t understand what seems so drastic about it. The way I see it, I had nothing keeping me in Sydney, I got offered a better job, both in the substantial work and the pay and I was really unhappy in the city.

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The Why’s of Me ( why the simple life)

This has to be the most bizzare but interesting thing I ever came across, DM likes asking me why, why I do what I do and why I am the way I am. No one has ever questioned me in that way.

So in the middle of a heated conversation he asked me why am I simplistic, why do I wanna live a simple life? I never questioned it to be honest, it’s always been right there inside of me.

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