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We don’t know what we don’t know..But God does.

I have been getting a little frustrated about my inability to write, I had something in mind to talk about but I kept feeling in my spirit that I have not yet had the full revelation…and then it came in the most unexpected way a thought planted in my mind

“it was never about the fall, it was always about the come back.

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For the sake of ‘Right’

Likes, comments and shares. That’s today’s world right. I have a confession, I struggle with social media, I struggle with the concept of being out there, being known. It may just be the introvert in me or it may be some deep insecurity I don’t know…

Anyway this week I been really thinking about this concept of approval, validation and being celebrated.. Continue reading For the sake of ‘Right’

Discovering yet another me – Christian Lawyer

On any given day I’m a mother, a lawyer, an employee, a friend, a daughter and on the odd lucky day a potential crush for someone.

I start this to show you the different roles I play but more than that, the different “me” there is. I have in the last few months realised just how good I am at separating all my different roles into different lives Continue reading Discovering yet another me – Christian Lawyer

When all you have left is Prayer

One of my favorite thing these days is moments when I’m reading the Bible, I come across a scripture that I have read many other times before but it just gives a different picture. This time it happened in Mark 9 verse 17-28.

To cut a long story short, the passage is about a man who has a son that’s demon possessed. We find out the boy has been like that since he was born, its a deaf and mute spirit. This father has tried everything he can, he has approached the disciples but they could not drive the spirit away so he is now faced with Jesus himself. Continue reading When all you have left is Prayer