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Discovering yet another me – Christian Lawyer

On any given day I’m a mother, a lawyer, an employee, a friend, a daughter and on the odd lucky day a potential crush for someone.

I start this to show you the different roles I play but more than that, the different “me” there is. I have in the last few months realised just how good I am at separating all my different roles into different lives Continue reading Discovering yet another me – Christian Lawyer

Tree change, second thoughts and bitter sweet experiences.

Somehow I managed to move interstate, 1000 or so km without much of a fuss or noise.

This move seems like quite a big deal, a big change and a big everything to everyone else except me. I’m trying not to make a fuss out of it but I really don’t understand what seems so drastic about it. The way I see it, I had nothing keeping me in Sydney, I got offered a better job, both in the substantial work and the pay and I was really unhappy in the city.

Continue reading Tree change, second thoughts and bitter sweet experiences.

A Black Girl in a White Man world

(can’t help noticing my writers juices comes up at the beginning of the year)

For the last few days I have been thinking about this, literally, the phrase has been going through my mind, I m a black girl in a white man’s world. You hear about the world is a man’s world and how white people have priveledges etc. As an African girl who pretty much grew up in a stable African country without much exposure to the huge racism and disadvantages African American and other African people have been exposed to, I never really contextualised it. It was always just another historical phrase I hear, understand but never really think of it for more than a couple of minutes.

Now here I am, a year into my career as a solicitor/business owner and I’m really feeling like a black woman in a white man’s world. My blackness is so obvious and almost more obvious than my presence…if that even makes sense. Every room I walk into, I’m not just noticed as the black woman who just walked in, but now I have to really prove that I deserve to be there, that I know what I’m doing (after I prove I’m the right person, not the help).

I’m aware that most women have to deal with the invisible glass ceiling, it’s frustrating and its real I’m ashamed to say in my naive youth I used to think that just talk but its real, and unfortunately, I’m not immune to it either. But you know what really frustrates me about being a woman in a man’s world, especially this world, it the idea that you can have it all. But let’s face it, you cant have it all..the minute you become a mother, which most of us do, you really CANNOT have it all, no matter what you think the man has the upper hand, put simply he can be at work till 12 minutes whilst you have to be home with the kids by 6pm?

But I have to say, the journey is rather interesting.

Why the road less travelled?

I’m actually in the process of reading this book, its been almost a year since i bought it but haven’t quite started reading it. I couldn’t figure out what i can title this blog, i’m that un-creative. I knew that i wanted it to signify me, my life and how i see things.

According to google or rather wikipedia metaphorically speaking, someone who takes ‘the road less travelled’ is acting independently, freeing themselves from the conformity of others (who choose to take ‘the road more often travelled’), generally making their own choices, and perhaps leaving a new trail that will become the road more often travelled.

I wouldn’t say that i act independently or that i made any decision to be different from others, nor do i think i have felt like i’m freeing myself. I do know that for most part i have always found myself on the other side of the block. I have spent a considerable amount of my life wanting that ideal life of ‘normal’ whatever that means, uniqueness was a curse in my mind and all i wanted was to be part of the crowds. I’m not sure if i’m simply tired or i have ‘grown up’ but i feel ready to embrace the road less travelled…i may not have chosen it for myself but there is no reason why i cant walk it like i have.

And this is not just about the journey, its about making the most of life, worrying less about what everyone around is doing and its about getting to the finish line and being able to say

I took the road less travelled, and it has made all the difference.