Wheels of Life

When they say life is a wheel it’s no joke. At the beginning of this year I was in a somewhat content place, work was great, the kids happy and healthy, looking forward to the little one starting daycare. Life with LF in the same country was, well not what one was to expect, things just didn’t work out but I was glad, we could finally put to rest the back and forth. At the start of the year I felt closer to the stability I have been craving, but within a space of just 4 months so much happened that I no longer feel balanced.

My parents moving away was somewhat of a shakedown, my support system was taken away, though LF was a cushion it could never be the same. In its true nature my anxiety pounced, I felt so lost for the first few weeks but eventually I got a handle of it, I finally worked on finding a balance. I was honest with LF about labour wanting my space back and even more so the ability to find my footing so I don’t have to make any further readjustments when she finally moves out of my house.

Just as I thought things were handled, DM stormed right into my life. An unlikely encounter, and boy I did not see what was to happen next coming. I thought I knew myself and could tell when I start to fall in love with someone but I don’t know with this one. There was never an infatuation, no lust, no butterflies in my stomach, there was just comfort, that right feeling, comfort, and a deep connection, it didn’t start slow and grow deeper it was deep from the word go.

But in life’s true nature, things just couldn’t be that simple. It had to be complicated, very very complicated….

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